I want to Beliebe: The jagged redemption of Justin Bieber



An abridged list of things Justin Bieber has done on stage while promoting his latest album, Purpose: cried, flown, smoked a joint, taken swigs of Hennessy straight from the bottle, stormed away, stormed away again, criticized the way the audience was clapping, and sung some of the best songs of his career

Despite all this, we’re in the thick of the reformation of Bieber — a comeback based around the singer’s apparent remorse for all the douchey stuff he’s done over the past few years, even as he continues to do douchey stuff. But Bieber’s true saving grace isn’t his countless apologies, heart-aching nostalgia for his relationship with Selena Gomez or even his new, critically acclaimed music. It’s the consistency of his failures Read more…

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