Classic LucasArts biker adventure ‘Full Throttle’ is coming back



Rev those engines, adventure games fans. Full Throttle is coming back.


The LucasArts classic is due for a high definition remaster, as Double Fine Productions boss Tim Schafer confirmed at PlayStation Experience 2015. The game follows the lead of Double Fine-authored remasters of Grim Fandango and (coming in Mar. 2016) Day of the Tentacle, draping a shiny, new skin over the familiar point-and-click action that was so popular in the ’90s.



Full Throttle tells a dystopian future story set in 2040, a time when motor vehicles have given way to hovercrafts (which are also admittedly cool). The story follows Ben, the leader of the Polecats biker gang, as he tries to clear himself and his friends of wrongfully leveled murder charges. Read more…

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